Perhaps you have a secret dream that you don’t quite dare to pursue because it feels so out of reach. Or maybe you are steadily working towards your goals and dreams but you keep on hitting a wall with them.

This wall might be something physical: you dream of finishing a marathon but you have a pesky runner’s knee that keeps you on the sidelines instead of following your training plan. Or you long to learn an instrument such as the violin but tension and cramping in your shoulders, arms and hands stop you from practicing as much as you want to. Perhaps you love working in your garden but an aching lower back is getting in your way.

Maybe you are facing something less definable. A lack of motivation, fatigue or problems finding the time and resources in your life to “get everything done”.  You are overwhelmed by how to prioritize and get yourself moving in the desired direction.

You hate to think about it, but as you get older you see yourself declining instead of improving.

There is an easy and enjoyable way to change all of that…

There is a simple process that can help you develop greater mental and physical agility and flexibility. When you raise your overall standard of thinking and moving you will be amazed at how specific problems are resolved in the process. You can learn to access more of your innate creativity and intelligence and use it to improve yourself and your life.

No matter how well you are already doing, taking lessons in the Interactive Teaching Method to teaching the work of F.M Alexander can show you how to make your life better, easier and more satisfying. My name is Alex Bollag and I would love to have the opportunity to show you how.

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