For over twenty years I have been an enthusiastic student of the work of F.M Alexander under the guidance of Dr. Don Weed, founder of the ITM.  To certify as an ITM teacher I have completed a rigorous four year teacher training program and am member of the ITMA and CNHC. I have additionally completed and successfully graduated from a four year post-graduate course to train teachers in the ITM Alexander Technique.

My background in movement education is extensive and for the past fifteen years I ran my own successful Yoga company in Toronto, Canada. I also have a background in performance and have studied at the National Theater Institute, USA as well as Yale University. I hold a B.A in English Language and Literature from Smith College.

Since certifying as an ITM teacher I have helped clients from all walks of life improve their performance and overcome self imposed limitations. I have taught groups internationally and at the ITM Summer Workshop, the ITM Teacher Training Course and Bristol University.

I also manage the annual ITM Summer Workshop. The Summer Workshop is a 10 day residential program held at the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester, UK attended by over 120 students and 40 ITM teachers.

Why am so I so passionate about getting this work out into the world? In my late teens and early twenties I suffered both from terrible chronic pain issues and debilitating depression. While my interest at first in the Alexander Technique was to improve my abilities as a performer, the knowledge that I gained gave me the tools to find effective solutions to the personal despair I was experiencing. I have since experienced first hand what ongoing improvement in life can be like and I want to share that with as many people as possible.

While I have loved teaching Yoga for many years it was always very clear to me that the largest part of my success in my field and the tremendous benefits my clients experienced came from applying my studies in the Alexander Technique to how I taught Yoga.

Five years ago I relocated to Bristol in order to continue my post graduate studies in the ITM with Dr. Don Weed. From my own experience I know that this work can open exciting doors for anyone and I am so glad to share it with people who want more out of life, no matter how good their life already is!

It has to be said that I am a full on  Alexander Technique geek and spend more time than I would like to admit studying, reading and thinking about this work and how to teach it! When I do tear myself away I am passionate about ski-ing and mountaineering and spend as much time as I can in Switzerland where my family is from. Cooking is a major creative outlet for me and I am really interested in nutrition. Ilove to run, dance, read, write, sing,  play golf (badly) and spend time with my lovely husband.