The more resistance you experience, the more important your manifested art/project/enterprise is to you and the more gratification you will feel when you finally do it.

-Steven Pressfield.

If you have ever found yourself in the hell of terminal procrastination, I understand.

Last September finally all the pieces were in place.

After over twenty years of studying the Alexander Technique and applying it to all areas of my life I was ready to launch my career as an Alexander Technique teacher.

For years I had been looking forward to the day when I could share all the miraculous benefits this work has brought me with others.

I had a website to design, copy to write, a yearly business plan to draft, a blog to launch, workshops to plan, a program to design, systems to implement and people to meet.

And all I felt was stuck. Grindingly stuck. Depressingly stuck. Painfully stuck. I felt stuck the moment I woke up in the morning and too stuck to go to sleep at night. It was pretty bleak.

But somehow it all came together. I got up everyday, I showed up and dragged myself to my desk.

Along the way, helpful little messages starting showing up. I listened to them. I read some books, took a webinar or two and put some new ideas into action.

Here are five ideas that made all the difference to me and got me moving forward.

I am pleased to say that by the end of November, all the main pieces were in place and I have found great satisfaction in creating a business that brings work into the world I believe everyone can benefit from.

From a bit woo woo to very practical I hope some of these suggestions might help you on your way to bringing whatever it is you are bringing into to the world forward.

1.         If it was good enough for Homer, it is good enough for me

At the start of the Odyssy, Homer invokes the Muses, a practice honored by artists of all stripes since time immemorial.

To take on a new venture, to create something, to extend beyond what we know now we have to reach into the unknown. We have to be willing to dip our toes into the mystery of creation.

Personally, I find being creative and following my dreams really f***cking hard. I figure I can use all the help I can get.

Reaching beyond where we are now, setting our intentions, asking for what we need: Prayer does all of that and more. So whether you call on the muses, GOD, a higher power, the great mystery or the calling of your heart. Prayer is a great way to start.

2          Make a project outline

This practice is right out of “Getting Things Done” by David Allan. This book is a brilliant resource for anyone who wants to, well, get things done.

A project is anything you want to do that takes more then one action step to complete. It could be clearing out your spice rack, finding a great choir to sing in or writing the next great work of literature.

Making a project outline gets you focused and helps you take that difficult first step in a way that is totally doable.

Even if I can’t possibly imagine finishing the sales copy for my next workshop, I know I can sit down and answer the three questions that make up a project outline. It gets me going and makes me feel good, which leads to me taking the next step.

My guess it if you have a project in mind, you already know the answers to the following questions. A project outline lets you get them out of your head leaving space in there to dream up your next step.

Here are the three parts to your project outline:

1-The purpose (s) of your project. Why are you doing it?

Answering the why can give you all the fuel, inspiration and momentum you need to launch into your project. Knowing why will give you strength when things get tough and you need to dig a little deeper to move forward.

2-The principles for your project.

Getting clear on your values, your parameters, helps focus and define your project. A great way to answer this questions is to finish this sentence: I would give someone free reign to do this project for me as long as they…………..

3-The wild success (dream a little..or a lot)

This part is so fun. Let loose, dream big and imagine for a moment what the best possible outcome for your project could be. There is so much value and gratification in deciding what success means to you.

4    Brainstorm and collect your ideas

To get moving, give yourself permission to simply put allot of ideas ‘out there”.

I used to think brainstorming was about “finding” a great idea. And when I approached it that way it never worked.

Now I think of it as a way to “prime the pump”, get things flowing. When you get ideas out of your head on paper, you make room for more ideas to be generated.

I use a mind map to brainstorm and often move directly to brainstorming after I have written up my project outline.

Another excellent way to keep your ideas flowing is to keep a notebook handy wherever you go.

You have probably experienced that your best ideas never seem to pop up when you are actually at work. They surface while driving to your dentist, taking the dog out for a walk or at the gym.

Whenever an idea pops into your mind, write it down. I use my phone, but you may like having a lovely little notebook in your pocket at all times. If you want to get all fancy-pants you can call it your “exo-cortex”.

5      Dance baby, dance!

Ok, this is totally my favourite tool. Sitting in front of blank page and your mind goes just as blank?

Crank up a tune and dance it out. Then sit down and let the ideas flow.

Got a question you just can’t seem to answer? Write it down, dance, then come back and let you pen flow onto the page. See what happens.

Music and movement shake things up. I don’t know why it works, but it works for me. I use this technique to project plan and brainstorm as well.

So there you go. These are my favourite ways to get unstuck when things get sticky. I would love to her from you about how you move forward when you feel stuck, unmotivated and uninspired. Because if there is something I know for sure it is that the world needs that special something that only you can create and bring into the world.