Ready To Review Your Year?

“The evils of a personal bad habit do not reveal themselves in a day or in a week, perhaps not in a year, a remark that is also true of the benefits of a good habit“-F.M Alexander

Something I enjoy about teaching ITM Alexander Lessons and as well as being a student is the practice of having to really think about my experience and how I am expressing it. If an ITM teacher asks you how your week was and you say “fine”, you can bet on them asking you “what was fine about it”. This second question almost always produces interesting and thoughtful answers that get the student more in touch with the truth of their experience.

In late 2012 I took a free virtual retreat to plan for 2013 with a Business Coach named Isabel Parlett. To find our more about Isabel click here. The whole idea of setting aside time to plan for 2013 was not new to me. The first task that she gave us, however, was to review the year we had just had by answering a series of questions, which I had never done before.

Much like the ITM teacher asking a follow on question, this process was incredibly revealing to me.  It showed me themes and growth I had not been able to acknowledge in the nitty gritty of daily life and really opened my eyes. I found it rewarding, surprising and inspiring.

Going through these questions wrapped up the year for me and gave me a great start to planning the year to come.

If you would like to take a step back and review 2013, or as Isabel says “digest” the year, here are some great questions to get you started.

I highly recommend setting aside an hour or two, lighting a candle, putting on your favourite jumper ( I only write in cashmere!) and musing on these questions. I also suggest keeping these notes somewhere you can refer back to them in a year or so, reading my answers a year on has given them a whole other dimension.

  1. What did I learn in 2013?
  2. What made me the happiest in 2013?
  3. What was challenging in 2013?
  4. What was challenging but a blessing in disguise?
  5. What nurtured me this year?
  6. What surprised me this year?
  7. What happened in 2013 that I could have not predicted?

I would love to hear from you. If you would like to share your answer to questions number one, please consider posting it on my facebook page here.

I wish you all the best for the upcoming holiday season, may your days be full of ease and joy!