One of the many wonderful concepts the founder of the ITM, Don Weed, has introduced me to over the years is the idea of “perfect enough”.

Perfect is a top down concept. You predetermine what “perfect” is and then strive toward that goal. To be honest, however, I think that for most of us it is not even that clear or rational. I speak for myself here, but I am sure some of you can relate to this.

You see, I have caught myself over and over again feeling like I am falling short. When I stop to think about it I have not even bothered to determine what I am falling short of! So perfect becomes this imaginary, illusionary state that is always unreachable, because it has not even been properly defined.

The problem with perfect? Well, beside the fact that it may not even exist, it is actually a limited concept.

Your “perfect” is predetermined. From where you are now. With your current knowledge, perspective and understanding. By deciding what perfect is, you have actually put a big lid on what is possible for you.

So what is the solution?

Enter……. Perfect enough.

And two more words that really help with this:

Perfect enough…for now.

You see, if everyday you work on “perfect enough…for now” you will experience success each and every day. And that is incredibly motivating and uplifting.

It is also much more honest.

The truth is, there is only so much we can accomplish on any given day, in any given state. If you are down and out with the flu, perfect enough is going to look different then on a day you are feeling great, have no distractions and are surrounded with all the support you need.

The most exiting thing about perfect enough?

As you simply do what you can, when you can, you will stealthily and steadily improve. Over and over again. Little by little. And there is a really good chance that that steady, small improvements will catapult you far beyond your limited concept of “perfect” without you even noticing you have surpassed it and them some.

You see, perfect enough for today is open ended. And I think when it comes to our potential, so are we.

I would love to know, do you find the concept of “perfect enough” helpful?