…an adventure on which nothing goes wrong is just a vacation, and wayfinders aren’t designed for mere vacations.

—Martha Beck

When people have their first ITM lesson, they have the opportunity to start a great adventure.

After all these years it is still amazing to me that studying the relationship between how you think and how you move can give you more access to and facility with your gifts and inherent capacities.

The flip side of this is that for many of us, as we continue to expand ourselves and our lives we bump up against some unpleasant experiences.

These experiences may be health related, relationship related, or seemingly random acts of the universe.

This phenomenon is not unique to the ITM. There is a book popular in business circles called “The Big Leap” in which the author, Gar Hendricks, calls it “The Upper Limit Problem”. He claims that we all have an inbuilt thermometer that registers our tolerable levels of success. When we push forward in our lives and surpass our default setting, we get “Upper Limit Problems”.

In spiritual teachings like “A Course In Miracles” they say that as you become more loving, more of your true self, everything that is not loving and true in you will come up to be healed. Like a detox. And it is usually not pretty. In alternative healing circles, the concept of a healing crisis is accepted as part of the path towards getting healthier.

People also refer to this kind of experience as “self sabotage”. I don’t think this is as helpful. To me, that term implies that you are doing something wrong. What if this phenomenon is a good sign, an exiting sign, a sign that you are growing and learning? A badge of your courage to adventure into the unknown?

In Joseph Campbell’s description of the hero’s journey, the hero is called to his adventure and at first resists the call. Interestingly, once he has accepted, he does not experience effortless, enjoyable success. Oh no, at first, he is faced with trails and tribulations. You know, everything goes to hell!

I was chatting with a friend the other day who was having one of these experiences. And the reason I wanted to write about this is simple.

If if this ever happens to you: A big breakthrough, an exiting new opportunity, a courageous and brilliant life decision and then all of a sudden…everything goes to s***t, please know, you are not alone! YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You are not doing anything wrong. In fact, you might just be a hero heeding your calling.

As I look back over the past couple of years of my life, I see this phenomenon over and over again. After David and I made our big bold move to the UK to follow our passion five years ago almost every important part of my life got rattled, severely. At the time, I was in bits. Now I look back and think, yeah, that all makes sense. I see how that discomfort forced me to face and attend to parts of myself that were not working for me. And I marvel at how much healthier and happier I am in all those areas of my life today.

Last summer I decided to attend the ITM Summer Workshop as a student for the first time in years. I found having a series of lessons absolute bliss. I had the most delightful time with my colleagues, made a huge leap in how well I was teaching, sang with a “band” in public and was surrounded by fascinating, entertaining and inspiring people. At the same time I was managing a large residential workshop with no stress or problems and found lots of time for leisurely afternoons in the sun and delicious drawn out dinners at beautiful restaurants.

About a month later I fell ill with one of the most severe migraine headaches I have had in years. In fact, for months I woke up with a severe headache almost every single day. At the same time I could see and feel that I was moving more freely and easily then ever before.

I think what may have happened is that I rattled my cage, the one I created for myself. By changing how I think and how I move I gave up some of the ways I have generated to compensate for my structural health problems and when my system became more free and flexible I was more in touch with the underlying structural issues.

And that was painful. But it also meant that I was motivated to get some care, and see what kind of improvement I can find. And so far, so good. I am still having pain, but less. I like how regular Oestopathic treatments combined with my AT work are helping me have even more fluidity and flexibility which in the long run, is probably going to be the best way to manage the damange I am dealing with and limit further degeneration.

I don’t have any solution for the “Upper Limit Problem”. Apparently Gar Hendricks does, but so far, I have not been able to apply it to my life!

For some reason, this seems to be part of the process. So do your best, take care of yourself, learn how to weather the storm. Reach out to loving friends. See it as an opportunity to do some deep physic spring cleaning. Read “The Big Leap” and if you can work out how to solve this “Uppler Limit Problem” once and for all, please call me! I am dying to find out.