“Stuff I am loving” Sep 2019 edition

As you can see from the dates on my blog I have severely neglected this part of my website. Over the past three years I have had the privilege of working with a group of ITM teacher trainees as their trainer. This has been all consuming. When I am not studying and working to make sure I can be the best trainer I can, I am thinking about it! Keeping up with my blogs has fallen off the map completely.

One of the gifts the ITM Alexander Technique has given me is the outlook that there are always ways to improve myself and my life. I am so curious about what is out there and how I can use this information to make myself and my little corner of the world a little brighter.

I am always having fun with experiments and explorations. I love trying new things and I thought It might be a nice change of pace to create a monthly blog series about the stuff I am enjoying right now.

(non of these links are affiliate links, just stuff I like)

Ziva Mediaton

Emily Fletscher of Ziva Mediation has put together a brilliant, foolproof meditation technique for busy people. I have been meditating for years now but was open to refreshing my practice. This technique helped me bring more focus to my practice and inspired me to move from meditating just in the mornings to twice a day. I feel brighter, happier and calmer after a month of following the Ziva technique.

You don’t need me to tell you how beneficial a mediation practice can be, the science is in and overwhelmingly positive. I honestly think that when it comes to managing stress, mediation is the simplest, best and most effective thing you can add to your life. Emily has an online course and a book . Most of the book is about convincing you of the benefits of meditation and a sales pitch for her online and in-person courses but if you skip to chapter 8 she gives a good outline of the technique. If you have any experience with mediation and/or a mantra that is meaningful to you this will be enough to get you going.

Her online course is a much bigger investment but honestly, if you are committed to adding meditation into your daily life I think it is worth checking out. It takes you through 15 days of daily lessons in short, doable video sessions. I think this would work best for people who are new to mediation but again, I do think it is pricy so it may be worth seeing how you get on with the book before investing.

Elephant Box

I just purchased a new insulated bottle from Elephant box. Yesterday I left my water bottle in a hot car all day only to get in and take a lovely cool drink from my bottle. These people make great sustainable stainless steel lunch boxes and other products. My good friend Liz is co-owner and I am totally inspired as I watch her build this company. She and her co-founder looked at the overwhelming problem of plastic pollution and decided to step up and bring a solution to the marketplace. I love supporting businesses like this, it helps me to feel empowered at a time where so much is out of our control.

Chuckling Goat

My hubby has been struggling with some confounding heath problems over the past eight months. As he searches for a solution for this specific issue we have also been focusing on general ways to improve our health. Knowing how important it is to maintain a healthy microbiome, we have added in goat kefir to our daily routine.

For years now I have been fascinated with the potential health (and mental health!) benefits of fermented foods and it has been great to add this potent product into our rotation of gut healthy foods.

Kefir has an amazing history as a health food, just have a little google to find out more. These guys also make the most wonderful herbal teas and lovely lotions and soaps full of good for you ingredients and nothing else.

The thing that has impressed me the most is the unbeatable, first class customer service. The team at Chuckling Goat have advised my husband and have always been on hand to answer questions with so much generosity and patience. The blog posts and recipes by founder Shann are great and worth a deep dive if you want to learn more about gut health and your microbiome. We currently have her fab pancakes on heavy rotation.

This company is impressive and again, what a joy to support a local family owned company who so clearly care for their employees, animals, farm, customers and the environment.

Everything is figureoutable by Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is a guru figure in the online marketing world and this is the title of her most recent book. I admire how she has created her own unique career. As an ITM Alexander Technique teacher I love how in this accessible book she articulates principles of self development we work with as well in a fresh and fun way.

The main message here is that you have the ability to work stuff out yourself and you can have fun doing it. This is something we teach in the ITM. We teach how to use your reasoning, conscious mind to direct yourself and your life and how to use good processes to, well, figure stuff out. It may be solving a problem or it could be realising a goal or dream. If you are stuck in any way in your life this book might help you move forward with inspiration and simple, actionable advice.

So, that is what I have been learning, reading and enjoying over the past weeks. Stay tuned for the October edition of “stuff I am loving”.

And if you would like to come out and see how the ITM Alexander Technique might enhance your life, I am teaching a day long workshop in Bristol with some wonderful colleagues on Saturday Oct 12, click here for more info or come to my drop in class every Thursday evening at 6:30pm at Yew Tree Clinic. You can contact me here to register.