Ways to work with me:

*****************NEW-Weekly Drop In Classes for all levels**************************

Starting March 21st 2019 @6:30-8:30pm I am offering a weekly drop in class at Yew Tree Clinic in Westbury-On-Trym.

This class is open to all levels. If you are a beginner, come at 6pm and I will deliver a bespoke introduction so you can confidently join the class at 6:30pm.

To attend, contact me before 5pm on the Wednesday before to secure your spot. The class is limited to six students. You can contact mere here

Cost: £20 per class. Concessions available.

Private lessons:

I teach private lessons at Yew Tree Clinic in Westbury on Trym, 56 Stoke Lane, BS9 3SW. 

Cost: £35 for a one hour introduction. £40 for a 30min lesson. £175 for a series of 5x30min lessons. £280 for a series of 10x30 min lessons.

To read about what we cover in an introductory workshop or lesson click here

For more detailed information about private lessons click here.

To book an introductory lesson with me at the clinic contact me here.

Full day Intro workshop: Get more out of life with the ITM Alexander Technique featuring Bev Allen, Alex Bollag and Liz Watson

Next date Saturday April 13th from 10am-5pm. I regularly team up with some of my favourite ITM colleagues to run a full day ITM Alexander Technique Workshop at Trinity College. For more info click here

Group Classes:

6 week course: Do less, achieve more. 

NOW FULL. New dates TBA.

This 6 week course will give you a comprehensive introduction to the work of F.M Alexander and teach you the skills, processes and understanding you need to apply this work to your daily life. Cost: £149 for a 6 week course

Click here for a detailed description of my group courses. To register click here.

ITM Teacher Training Program

I am a certifed ITM trainer and work with trainees to become ITM teachers through the ITM teacher training program. For more information about the training program click here.

ITM UK Summer Workshop

Wether you are a complete beginner or a long time Alexander Technique student, the UK ITM Summer Workshop is a world renowned opportunity to immerse yourself in the work of F.M Alexander and take lessons with a large number of ITM trained teachers, including the founder of the ITM, Don Weed. The workshop runs from August 2rd - August 11th 2019. To find out more and how to book please click her

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How it all works

Every class is carefully designed to help you acquire the tools, knowledge, understanding and support you need to apply this work to improving yourself and your life immediately.

  • We will always work in a practical manner, exploring the principles and ideas of the work of F.M Alexander in activities of your choice.

  • We will work with both the mental and physical at the same time: You are not just a mind or a body but a holistic being that needs both to work together to function optimally. In this approach we will engage all of you. We use both gentle manipulation and guided movement as well as relevant analytical discussion. This will help you to experience immediate results.

  • We will access your innate intelligence and creativity.

  • Classes are fun. Humor and fun creates an optimal learning environment that promotes creativity and open-mindedness.

  • Each class, lesson and interaction will meet you where you are now and help you take appropriate and effective next steps toward learning this work.

  • We will work to raise your overall standard of thinking and movement. You will be surprised and even delighted to see how this can resolve specific problems in the process.

  • Classes are flexible and will be tailored to your current needs each and every time.

  • Group classes are skillfully led to create a rich and engaging learning environment.

Is this for you?

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

This work may appeal to you if you can can relate to any of the following:

  • You are under pressure at work to deliver and you have a head full of great ideas. As you sit at your computer to capture them you feel more and more tense. Your back hurts, your wrists hurt and you start to get a headache. What started out as an exiting project feels more and more like chore. You try to “sit up straight” and improve your posture and it just makes things worse.

  • You have a weekly tennis game with a friend who creams you every time. Your coach has given you some sound advice on how you can improve your game but you just can’t quite seem to put it into action, no matter how hard you try.

  • As you get older you are experiencing more aches and pain, less energy and flexibility as well as less mental agility. You worry that you may be facing a downward slope as you age

  • You have dreamed of learning how to play the guitar since you were a teenager. When you finally decide to take the big step of taking some lessons you are dismayed by how much your fingers hurt while playing and how uncoordinated you feel as you try to learn this new skill.

  • You have big dreams but day to day you realize that you need to raise your general standard of well-being to have the energy and motivation to pursue them

  • You are faced with challenges at work. In the face of stress you seem to shut down and have trouble focusing on the tasks at hand. What you really need at these times is focus, mental agility and creativity to solve problems

  • You find large projects overwhelming and so you tend to procrastinate. You can’t seem to find a way to organize your thinking in a manner that would make them accessible and achievable.

  • Athletes at all levels

  • Anyone starting to learn a new skill

  • Musicians

  • Artists and people with creative jobs

  • People who need to perform well under pressure

  • People who need strong public speaking and presentation skills

  • People who need strong problem solving skills, communication skills and creative thinking skills

  • You are willing to invest time and money in yourself

  • You enjoy learning new things

  • You want to have fun

  • You believe in on going self improvement

  • You are willing to experiment

  • You value creativity

  • You value an agile and flexible mind and body