1 day

4 ITM teachers

7 classes

Unlimited lessons, laughter and learning!

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Come and join us for a full day of ITM Alexander Technique lessons with four ITM teachers on Saturday, October 12th .

"A deeply inspiring and very rewarding day"

The workshop is open to all levels of experience. Whether you are a complete beginner or experienced student this day will provide everything you need to move forward in your ITM Alexander Technique journey.

"A brilliant day, it was such a treat to have the knowledge of four great teachers in one room"

We will start the day with an Introductory lecture for anyone who is brand new to ITM Alexander Technique lessons and then spend the day in “rotation” classes led in turn by all three teachers: Alex Bollag, Bev Allen, Liz Watson and Frances Butt.

The “rotation” workshop format has been used for over 20 years in ITM workshops and will give you the powerful, compounded learning experience of seeing and having multiple lessons with different teachers.

".. .a must for anyone who wants to learn about a sound method for living well"

The Schedule:

10:00-11:30                                      Welcome and overview of the day. Introductory  lecture and some introductory lessons in the big group followed by a tea break

11:30-12:30                          Rotation hour: The workshop will split up into two groups and each group with have two half hour sessions with two different teachers.

12:30-1:00pm                                   Debrief and discussion in the big group

1:00-2:00pm                                     Lunch

2:00-3:00pm                                     Rotation hour                       

3:00-3:30pm                                     Group discussion and tea break

3:30-4:30                                           Rotation hour

4:30-5:00                                           Group discussion and wrap up

Where, when, how much?

The workshop will be held at STOKE LODGE ADULT LEARNING CENTRE
Shirehampton Road, Bristol BS9 1BN

When: Saturday October 12th , 10am-5pm.

Cost: £60

To register: click here or if you have any questions you can contact me here

or call 07816 317 086

Anything else?

Car parking available.

No. 4 Bus from the Centre stops nearby.

Please bring your own lunch.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Alex if you have any questions about the workshop or the ITM Alexander Technique in general.

What past participants say:

A deeply inspiring and very rewarding day with a smorgasbord of engaging and talented teachers... a must for anyone who has ever suffered with chronic pain or ill health or who wants to learn about a sound method for living well and in harmony with a healthy body and mind!'

Alex in particular is an eloquent, dynamic, relationship focused,  skilled orator and facilitator who is passionate about the potential for transformation that this work can bring!

-Katherine Sewell, HR Professional

A brilliant day, it was such a treat to have the knowledge of four great teachers in one room: I think everyone benefited enormously from the space that was held to discuss and share experiences - from people who were completely new to the work to those who have studied it for years. Warm, welcoming and wise these fabulous women are passionate about sharing the principles found in the work of FM Alexander and expertly expressed practical ways to begin to use them constructively in daily life. Thank you! 

-Bethan Riach, Yoga Instructor

Am just dropping a line to say how much I enjoyed, and am still benefiting from the ITM day you arranged and led at Stoke Lodge on Saturday. It was so good to have the opportunity to benefit from the individual knowledge and experience of 3 different teachers combined with the keen observations and feedback from the group.

You also looked after us all very well and supplied an impressive array of refreshments which was very welcome as the day became surprisingly more tiring!

Please give me notice of any future such events.

-Di Baisely-White, Retired

Alex's descriptions of where the Alexander Technique came from and how it can enhance your whole life - not just your body - was fascinating. The idea that it can help you concentrate, create, focus and make life easier, more fun and more graceful has stayed with me. So much to think about. And crazy how a couple of tiny movements of the neck can make you feel so different. I loved it.

Marianne Power, Journalist

I came to the workshop with my 13 year old daughter who was suffering with neck and shoulder issues. Neither of us knew what to expect and were deeply impressed by the day. We both experienced significant release of tension and discomfort in our bodies as a result of the gentle but highly effective technique shared in the lessons. My daughter in particular was able to experience how she could be completely free of discomfort which she found very empowering. All of the teachers were exceptional and we are very pleased to have been introduced to the benefits of the ITM Alexander Technique.

-Sarah Moore

A lovely day to learn about the Alexander technique in the most intriguing and fun way that is the ITM. The introduction set a grounding for what followed in our groups, seeing 3 very experienced teachers working with others, seeing changes happen in them as if by magic. Everyone had a chance to work directly with the teachers to discover for themselves the astonishing impact of this work. The group setting and the discussions that evolved there enriched and deepened the learning for everyone. If you want to know more about the Alexander Technique whether you are new to it or already a student, I highly recommend this workshop as a fantastic learning experience.

-Gina Roma

About the teachers:

Liz Watson:

I began having lessons in 2007 out f sheer curiosity. My interest in the work grew and I enrolled on the ITM training course in 2012. I now teach in West Dorset and the South West. My curiosity remains undimmed and I take great pleasure in continuing to learn about the potential of this work and sharing its practical benefits with my students. 

 Bev Allen:

I came to the Alexander technique after I started to experience debilitating pain in my shoulder, arm and hand. I tried pretty much everything to deal with the symptoms including surgery, but still the problems continued.  It felt like the last resort when I turned to alexander technique lessons in 2011 but it was a life changing experience. For the first time I found something which not only started to make me feel better, but was tackling the causes of my problems and not just the symptoms.  The work showed me that I was in fact contributing to my own problems but the really great news was that with the help of my teacher, I could get myself better by learning and adopting Alexander's principles, concepts and ideas.  And stay better with continuous and ongoing improvement. 

Recognising the way it helped and changed me, I realised I could use my own experience to understand and make a difference to others and so I decided to undertake the 4 year ITM teacher training course.  I qualified in 2016 and now teach out of my home in Cotham, Bristol.

I worked for many years in the music and entertainment industry, and now run a festival merchandise business alongside my teaching practice.  

Frances But:

After many years in film production, screen composition and performing, I started having Alexander lessons after developing early onset osteoarthritis which led to my having a hip replacement.  FM Alexander’s concepts made so much sense, and were so helpful, that where I had been facing only deterioration, I began to enjoy continual improvement.  So that was me hooked.  After four years training with Don Weed in Bristol I graduated as a teacher in 2016. 


I have a particular interest in studying the ratio of (any given) ‘condition’ to ‘response to condition’.  When circumstances are challenging or difficult, the Alexander Technique offers a mighty arsenal of mental tools and skills; my admiration, wonder and passion for this work just keeps on expanding.  I live and teach in Clifton in Bristol.



Alex Bollag:

Alex has been studying with Don Weed, founder of the ITM Alexander Technique since 1997. She also has a back ground in theatre and taught yoga for many years. Since 2016 Alex is an ITM trainer, responsible for the training of a small group of new ITM teachers.

About the ITM Alexander Technique:

The ITM Alexander Technique is a powerful tool for change that can bring about lasting improvements in physical and mental performance. The work can be used by anyone to live a more rewarding, more effective and more enjoyable life.

In ITM Alexander Technique lessons we learn how to understand and make better use of the mental processes that govern our movements. By doing this we both clarify our thinking processes and improve our ability to achieve our desired results in everyday activates, sports, performance and life in general.

In ITM Alexander Technique lessons you will learn tools, principles and processes that you apply to any part of your life. Group lessons are dynamic, fun and involve both practical experiences and relevant discussion.

To read more about the ITM Alexander Technique please visit: