“I am able to tap into my ITM lessons on a daily basis. Recently, in a job interview, I was asked a tough question and the perfect answer just wasn’t coming to me. I thought about the principles I had learned in my lessons and suddenly I was engaged in the dialogue and the interviewer was very impressed with my answer.

In class I love seeing the reactions of the students and seeing them absorb, learn and grow in only a short time using their own personal power. Everyone looked so alive and invigorated after their personal lessons. Seeing the light bulb come on in people’s head and the smile come over their faces when they realised they were capable of change, made me understand that the ITM Alexander Technique is the real deal, creating opportunities to bring positive change to anyone who is open and willing.

I would absolutely recommend these ITM workshops to anyone who is interested in changing their life. Alex is knowledgeable, energetic and exceptional at handling some of the more challenging questions. Thanks so much to Alex, you are an incredible instructor.”

-Andrew Dean, Controls Engineer

“I was not sure if the investment of time would impact my work directly.  After the first 10 minutes, I knew I was in good hands and that the learning I was about to embark on would impact my work, my family and myself.

The care and professionalism of Alex in teaching the Alexander Technique through the ITM was exceptional.

This work has offered me insight into how I use my energy and what energy is really required to be effective in work and life. I feel a greater grounding when I am teaching, coaching or facilitating. This is a great advantage to the work I do as it enables me to observe shifts, generate insights and land critical points.

I believe this has contributed to a reduction in my stress level.

I believe I have just begun to benefit from the workshop.  Specifically, greater ease of movement, enhanced insight into how thinking affects my presence with clients and in the world in general.”

-Kim Caughlin, Team Facilitator, Executive Coach and Management Trainer

 “My life has completely changed for the better since attending Alex and David’s ITM Alexander Workshops. Not only has my ability to organise my movements and intentions improved, but the ability to organise my life at large has as well.

There are not words to express how these simple principles, taught with gentleness and understanding, can so totally empower one to fulfill one’s potentialities. It must be experienced to be believed, and I intend to continue the study of The Alexander Technique, and more specifically the ITM approach, for the rest of my life.”

 - Tallan M.D, Musician

“This course has made me realize that anything is possible and that any problem can be worked out if approached in a reasoned and logical manner. This applies to physical problems such as techniques used in sporting activities or even to your personal life. It has given me greater confidence in what my body can actually achieve and to even give it a begrudging respect for its complexity and flexibility!

After taking a 6-week course I am more relaxed in my upper body, particularly the neck and shoulders. This has helped improve my performance in sports such as in swimming and cycling. I really enjoyed it and because I am active in my hobbies, I am seeing positive benefits daily. I would recommend Alex to anyone!”

Mike Christie, Telecoms Engineer

“Amongst other benefits, the AT has helped me to think more clearly, calmly and effectively, increasing my confidence and my day-to-day pleasure in living.

Alex’s brings a tremendous passion, intelligence and commitment to her teaching, which I find both exciting and inspiring. When combined with her thoughtful and approachable manner and a remarkably high level of knowledge and skills, learning with her is a fun and liberating process.”

-Tracy Gil, Former nurse and AT teacher

“I wasn’t really sure what the Alexander Technique was but I wanted help doing a TED-x presentation and had somehow picked up that it might be helpful!

My fear had been that my nerves might affect my speech and presence when I did my talk but after my work with Alex I was thrilled to discover that they didn’t. I felt poised, calm and authentic as I delivered my talk. Even when I completely lost my train of thought at one stage – I kept my calm and peace and eventually my next thought returned!

I liked the mix between theory and practice and I loved Alex’s calm and friendly approach. My lessons helped me to discover more about what it means to turn up as ‘me’ on stage – rather than try to replicate anyone else’s method or way of doing it. I would highly recommend Alex- it definitely worked…!”

Sarah Abell, Writer, Coach, Relationship Expert and Speaker

“I found the practical part of the lesson to be amazing, It’s magical and something I think everyone should try.”

-Toby Duckett, Web Developer/Designer

“I had pretty huge scepticism before beginning the Alexander Technique; I couldn’t imagine how it might be helpful.

A friend of mine absolutely insisted that it would, however.  Thank goodness he did.

What Alex particularly gave me during lessons was much-needed encouragement and reassurance.  She is incredibly tender, supportive and encouraging.

Since starting AT about a year and a half ago, I have begun to think very differently about the way I use my body, and consequently suffer less pain in my every day life, which is pretty great.  The practise of the Alexander Technique offers the prospect of continual gradual improvement, at a time when I was contemplating nothing but deterioration.  I’ll buy that!

The ITM approach provides a phenomenal amount of concentrated experience of the Alexander Technqiue which really helps drive the ideas ‘in’… not to mention the enormous privilege of sharing many incredible, moving and encouraging episodes during other students’ classes with a great range of amazing people.”

–Frances Butt, Musician

“Alex’s obvious passion and enthusiasm for her subject is contagious. She approaches lessons like she is sharing a valuable jewel with us. I love the wonderful relaxed feeling I have after a lesson.

The Alexander Technique has made me pay more attention to my body, and to see it as part of an integrated whole, rather than just the carry-case for my brain! I absolutely, wholeheartedly, unreservedly recommend lessons with Alex!”

-Eli Trier, Creativity Coach and Artist

“I am a professional guitarist and in 2006 I was having some problems overcoming some blocks both creatively and physically. I tried lots of different approaches to help deal with these issues, but all of them seemed to be short term fixes until I began studying Alexander’s work.

I believed when I started that Alexander technique would be just the next ‘box to tick’ to try to solve my problems. What I got instead was very unexpected.

I noticed that my singing voice got better, easier, and freer, I could practice for longer, and I had more of a sense of creativity. Other aspects of my life started following that pattern from my personal relationships to getting organised. Most of all I was having more FUN!

Having lessons with Alex is the catalyst for ongoing positive change in my life. She is kind, empathetic, intelligent and knows A LOT about this work. You can tell she has a real passion for it, and as a result of our lessons so do I. I’d recommend that anyone who wants to get more out of life and have more fun doing it have Alexander Technique lessons with Alex.”

-David Paoli, Musician

“I knew nothing about the Alexander Technique before I took my first lesson.  It was recommended to me by a friend as a possible solution to my RSI problems.

Since that first lesson I have had a number of teachers; Alex Bollag is one of them.  Lessons with her have shown me where I need to focus my efforts in order to improve my situation; they have shown me what is possible and they have shown me how quickly I can improve if I only apply some well-directed thought to the process.

I would recommend Alex to anyone interested in the Alexander Technique.  Her background of study, her focus on her students and her ability to bring all that she knows to the assistance of a pupil meant that with her help I experienced a level of integrated thought and movement that I have rarely achieved.  She can show you what is possible and help you in your own efforts to change the things that keep those possibilities out of reach.”

-Dr. David Bailey, NHS Research Coordinator