Intro Workshop:What the heck is the ITM Alexander Technique and how can it help me?


Thursday Feb 21st or Feb 28th at 6:30pm-8pm. Cost £10. Space limited to 5 participants. Location: Yew Tree Clinic, 56 Stoke Lane, Westbury-on-Trym. To register click here.

Course description:

You know what it feels like to be inconvenienced by uncomfortable tension in your body and you have experienced yourself limited by stress and anxiety.

Perhaps you have skills you would like to improve upon. These may be hobbies you enjoy such as your tennis game or work place skills like being able to make a convincing presentation at your next business meeting without stress or strain. You have a feeling that you are capable of more but you just can’t seem to find the switch to flip to access more of your potential.

You have already invested time and money in yourself, whether it is signing up for tennis lessons, taking that Yoga class or reading books and going to seminars and evening classes.

All these things are valuable and rewarding, but they often only address specific issues and parts of your life. Books are great, but when you read a book you don’t get an immediate practical experience of the material covered as well as feedback and support. Most courses offer valuable information but they are not personalized to address your unique needs and point of view.

To truly access more of your innate potential and abilities, you need a tool that you can apply generally to all parts of your life. The ITM Alexander Technique offers just such a tool.

By working with your mind and your body at the same time in an interactive manner you will quickly see that you can be empowered to find simple solutions to both physical tension and mental blocks. Every class will provide you with an opportunity to acquire the tools, knowledge understanding and the support you need to take steps forward in your life. Every class and interaction is uniquely crafted to suit you and your needs.

I have been involved with this work for over 20 years and am a certified ITM teacher. If you would like to read more about me click here or to read more about what my clients say about working with me click here.

“Alex’s descriptions of where the Alexander Technique came from and how it can enhance your whole life – not just your body – was fascinating. The idea that it can help you concentrate, create, focus and make life easier, more fun and more graceful has stayed with me. So much to think about. And crazy how a couple of tiny movements of the neck can make you feel so different. I loved it.”-Marianne Power, Journalist”

“Hi Alex, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your 2 hour intro session this morning. It was extremely interesting and I’m definitely keen to learn more”–Karen Lowe, Stylist


“I was not sure if the technique was for me as i do not suffer from chronic pain. I also had some doubts about the “hands on” approach but it seemed to work quite unlike I had imagined. After the session I have experienced an easing of quite a bit of weight I was used to carrying in my shoulders. I can think of more then one way in which my life could benefit from further Alexander Technique lessons”—Sudeshna, Professor of Economics

This workshop will cover the following topics:

  • The fundamental concepts about your mind and body that will put you in charge of your life

  • The most important truth you need to know about how your body is made to move

  • The easiest way on the planet to make changes in yourself

  • Why the quality of your movements affects every aspect of your life

  • How you can change the way you move at the speed of thought

Where, when, how much?

Thursday Feb 21st or Feb 28th at  6:30-8pm.


Yew Tree Clinic, Westbury-On-Trym. 56 Stoke Lane.


£10. You can use the cost of this class as a credit toward my 8-week Intro Course or a series of 5 private lessons!

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