Private Lessons:

Private lessons

To book your private lesson click here to contact me.

If you prefer to learn in a one-on-one environment private lessons may be for you. Sometimes people find it easier to open up in a private setting. Clients facing stressful life situations or suffering with anxiety may find it easier to work in a confidential, private environment.

Or you may just prefer the convenience of creating a more flexible, customised schedule for your lessons.


All lesson series will cover the following topics:


◦  The fundamental concepts about your mind and body that will put you in charge of your life

◦   The most important truth you need to know about how your body is made to move

◦   The easiest way on the planet to make changes in yourself

◦   How the myth of “trying harder” is getting in your way

◦   The secret used by athletes and performers that can make your life easier

◦   Why the quality of your movements affects every aspect of your life

◦   How you can change the way you move at the speed of thought

All of the topics and ideas introduced in class will be combined with simple and practical experiences. Classes make all the presented information relevant to your day to day experience by employing discussion as well as individual lessons that use gentle touch and guided movements.

None of the “hands on” work is invasive and requires no disrobing or embarrassment!

No special clothing is required and you will not be asked to do any exercises.

The Interactive Teaching Method used is designed to be flexible enough to meet your needs. Every class will help you take the next perfect step for you. This means that these lessons are ideal for you if you area complete beginner or if you have some background in the Alexander Technique. While the topics of this class are profound and important, we will always work in a way that is simple, easy, fun, practical and most importantly, effective.

Where? When? How much?

All classes are held at Yew Tree Clinic, Westbury-On-Trym, 56 Stoke Lane BS9 3SW by appointment.

Private lessons are 30min

Single private lessons are £35. 

The cost of a 5 class package is £150. The cost of a 10 class package is £280.

To book your private lessons click here to contact me.

Refund policy:

All class series must be used within 12 months of purchase. Cancellations must be made 24 hours before the lesson, otherwise you will be charged in full for the lesson. There is no refund on unused lessons paid in advance as a series.